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DZP Update 8/30/09

August 30, 2009

13 by 05/06/2009- FAILED : (

25 by 09/08/2009

Completed– Only 9

12.) Visit a park with some kind of caves/caverns COMPLETED

14.) Catch up on all my penpal letters Completed 1/31/09

29.) Wii Fit everyday for 1 month – Completed 1/31/09

31.) No soda for a week – Completed 7/25/09

47.) Visit one state I have not been too yet Completed 3/14/09

60.) Clean up Yahoo! Group list COMPLETED 6/21/09

73.) Give Jimmy a list of 101 reasons why I love him. Completed: 1/25/09

90.) Get book club all caught up and make list 4 COMPLETED 7/18/09

92.) Get my Aerogarden running again Completed 1/18/09

I need to complete….um…16 in a week to make my next deadline…don’t think that is going to happen…

I really need to pick up my pace! I am so far behind. I started this in January and I have only accomplished 8? Ouch! I never seem to have any time. 😦

Update on the others that are in progress…

2.) DM a character up to Level 15 [or higher] (5/15; 33%)…Slow, but steadily

4.)  Complete 3 of my Lap of Luxury Challenges & Blog them…I took a break from this because of vacations, etc…I hope to come back to this real soon.

11.) Go to three national parks (1/3)- On my trip to Maine, I went to the White Mountains National Park.

17.) Exchange a snailmail letter with someone every day for a month; and exchange e-mails with someone daily for two months (31/31; 0/62)

39.) Find 300 Geocaches (50/300)- I have a bunch more I need to register from the Maine Trip.

40.) Host two Maine Trips (1/2)- 1 more to go!

86.) Go to the movies 3 times (if its while visiting home or in Maine it doesn’t count) (2/3)

88.) Read an average of 1 book a month (Currently: 6/8)

91.) Finish book lists 1-3 (1/3)

What I am planning on working on:

4.)  Complete 3 of my Lap of Luxury Challenges & Blog them- I need to wrap up Brady and get back to working on my Shut-in.

16.) Keep up w/ penpal letters for 3 months (no more than 3 in stack) (0/3)

39.) Find 300 Geocaches (50/300)

49.) Handmade Christmas Gifts for each person for one Christmas

78.) Reach “Ambassador” Rank in GeoChallenge

79.) Volunteer for 101 hours (0/101)

88.) Read an average of 1 book a month (Currently: 6/8)

89.) Do a NaBloPoMo month

91.) Finish book lists 1-3 (1/3)

95.) Have a Disney Marathon

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