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A Stack of Books

August 28, 2009


Above is the stack of my newest book acquisitions…

I had gift cards to and Borders, so before we went on vacation I ordered some books (so I could bring some with me, of course). From those orders I got:

Slaughterhouse Five

Doom of Kings

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes


Kaffir Boy

Life Sucks

At the bookstore in Maine, I got:

Portuguese Cooking

Lobster Chronicles

While on the Cape, I picked up:

Fisherman’s Bend

1001 Fast and Easy Recipes

Appetizers and Finger Food

When I got back home, I got:


Eat this, Not that

And Cordelia Underwood Jimmy got for free.

Right before we left for vacation, I finished reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. Which I highly recommend…the plot may seem a bit heavy, but the writing isn’t. The writing is excellent and humorous. The tragic portion of the book you are introduced to almost right away, so by the time it happens you have adjusted to the idea and it doesn’t kill the book for you. A very enjoyable journey.

While on vacation, I read:


I loved both books. Life Sucks was a unique experience for me because it was my first graphic novel. I enjoyed it considerably more than I originally thought I would, and will definitely consider reading this genre in the future (if only they weren’t so expensive!). Staying Fat is a wonderful, moving story. It is a quick and easy read. I highly recommend it for everyone- esp. teens since it touches on some topics that are close to them (cliques, bullies, self-image, etc…).


I am currently reading Lobster Chronicles. It is my second book by Linda Greenlaw- so I expect I will like this one just as much I liked All Fishermen are Liars. Of course, (for some crazy reason) I love fishing stories- especially true stories. So, I would only recommend this to people who also enjoy that sort of thing.

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