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August 27, 2009

I’m on a smoothie kick.

During my trip to the Cape, mom created fabulous- but excessively healthy- smoothies for me for breakfast on three different mornings. I say “excessively” healthy since she used soy-milk, lowfat plain yogurt, fresh fruit, cashew butter, flax seed, etc…nothing even remotely un-nutritious in the typical mom-fashion. She had this awesome blender that made individual servings and was only 2 pieces- super easy to wash!

As it turned out, Jimmy’s mom had the SAME blender…well, not exactly the same…same size, same look, same company, just a different model. I was beginning to become very interested in the breakfast-smoothie idea. I hate breakfast foods…my stomach is not in the mood to eat anything when I first wake up…but drinking something is usually okay. Smoothies would allow me to eat breakfast everyday. I could also toss in very nutritious things and cover up their taste with other more pleasant things. And even things that are tasty- like bananas- that I only eat occasionally, I can eat more often with out getting bored with the flavor. Tossing in berries, bananas, and lowfat milk will fill me up and give me tons of nutrition- esp. antioxidants and potassium (great for blood pressure!). It could also get me to drink more milk.

Mom also said that it is recommended you freeze the fruit you plan to put in your smoothie- they will blend better that way. I always have the problem of fruit turning before I get to eat all of it…this would allow me to eat all the fruit I buy!

Jimmy’s mom snuck her blender into our luggage before we left. We now have one of the adorable easy to use blenders. The day after we got back, I went out and bought a small cookbook dedicated to smoothies. I’ve made one every day since I got back.

My initial ingredients were: skim milk, cranberry juice, yogurt, oat milk, walnuts, bananas, froz. raspberries, froz. mixed berries, and honey. I have also used items already in my kitchen- ice, almond extract, vanilla extract, and a vitamin water. The results have so far been great. They have been filling and I feel good after drinking them.

Tomorrow, I will be looking for other ingredients at the grocery store to expand my flavors…if you have any ideas, let me know!

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