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August 23, 2009

I’m back. Late Friday night Jimmy & I returned from a two week trip to Maine and Cape Cod. We still aren’t settled back in yet. Yesterday, we woke up very late, went to lunch and to Barnes and Noble (Jimmy had promised me a book), and then made plans to see District 9 and have dinner with some friends. Since I don’t go to the movies often and wanted to see District 9, I figured the chores could be put off for a day.

I did manage to plan the week’s menu, make a grocery list and go to the grocery store, at least. Today is going to be Costco, laundry, unpacking, cleaning, etc… I also hope to write a penpal letter and catch up on some e-mail. Tonight will also be my 1st attempt at cooking a traditional Portuguese dish other than Kale Soup.

For the rest of the month, I want to practice for NaBloPoMo ( since I plan on making my first attempt at a NaBloPoMo in September. So you can look forward to a daily post!

Coming up:

The Results of the Portuguese Dish

Books! What I finished, what I am reading, and new purchases. Lots to talk about!

A Review of District 9

Health Update- Smoothies, Blood Pressure and Exercise

Maine & Cape Cod- With Pictures!

DZP Progress

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