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I hate waiting…

July 18, 2009

I hate when I only have a small amount of time before something…not enough time to really do anything.

I’m waiting to go to bed, basically. We need to go to bed earlier than usual (for us that’s not really early, lol…we are going to bed around 11:30pm/12:00am) so that we can go to the airport tomorrow because Jimmy is going to California for a workshop on exoplanets. Right now, I am waiting for him to finish what he is doing so I can make sure he has everything he needs and doesn’t need me for anything else, and then I can go read for a bit. I can’t fall asleep without reading or something similar.

I posted the prologue and chapter 1.1 of my Lap of Luxury Shut-In challenge:

DZP Progress Today:

– Signed up to penpal with a solider at “” (part of my DZP task to volunteer 101 hours).

– Worked on my Lap of Luxury Challenges

– Made plans to go to a Toledo Metropark Free Activity tomorrow (an insect walk; bugs totally creep me out, but I love learning about anything).

So…not a bad day for the DZP. 🙂

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