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Full List Update!

July 18, 2009

Here’s an update of where I am on the entire list. Really, I think this is more for my own benefit than yours. I am hoping this will help me figure out how to move forward on things.

Since I am a Gamer:  0/6 completed

1.) Spend an entire weekend playing computer & wii games and accomplishing nothing else

This won’t become an option til I finish a few tasks that have upcoming deadlines. I think I can make some time this fall…or at least I will try. Perhaps as a break after doing something significant (like publishing a paper).

2.) DM a character up to Level 15 [or higher] (5/15; 33%)

This is an ongoing task that I don’t really have to think about. I move forward on it every time I play D&D.

3.) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10

I am considering starting a legacy soon. I am working on 2 other challenges, and I would like to catch up a bit on their blog updates before beginning a legacy.

4.)  Complete 3 of my Lap of Luxury Challenges & Blog them

This is one has been changed. It was originally a Sims 2 challenge goal, but since the release of Sims 3, I haven’t been playing Sims 2. So, this of similar difficulty, as the challenge is easier, but there are 3 instead of 1. This is already well on its way

5.) Finish Neverwinter Nights – Not til I have finished a couple of the other game-oriented goals.

6.) Play 3 new RPG systems (0/3)- Need time, possibly some money, etc…once again, I’ll probably wait until I complete some of the other goals.

Since I am a Graduate Student:

7.) Publish my NOAA paper- Err…hopefully I will have time to go back to work on that soon…

8.) Get my Master’s degree- Working on it 🙂

9.) Publish another paper– Definitely not til after #7 is done, and #8 is a bit further along.

Since I am an Ecologist (and I should be more outdoorsy):

10.) Go camping– I need some money, so I can get some gear.

11.) Go to three national parks (0/3)– Need money to travel.

12.) Visit a park with some kind of caves/cavernDitto

13.) Attend 13 Toledo Metroparks Activities (0/13)- Umm….I have no excuse, I should be working on this. Perhaps, I will start this week … ~5 minutes later~ There. I just posted a thing on FB asking if anyone wanted to go to the insect walk on Sunday with me. 🙂

Since I love mail: 1/8 completed;

14.) Catch up on all my penpal letters Completed 1/31/09

15.) Trade 400 (total) Postcards on Postcrossing (118/400)…I need money for postcards.

16.) Keep up w/ penpal letters for 3 months (no more than 3 in stack) (0/3)….I really need to do this. First, I need to catch up again. Sigh.

17.) Exchange a snailmail letter with someone every day for a month; and exchange e-mails with someone daily for two months (31/31; 0/62)– Kristen helped me complete the first part! And it was awesome! Looking for a volunteer for the 2nd part. But I can’t do the 2nd part til AFTER the Maine trip (limited e-mail access).

18.) Organize and update on penpaling supplies (Send out FBs, Make more Fbs, Organize stationary and envies, swap materials, etc….) I should start working on this soon.

19.) Send 13 random (non-holiday) surprise packages to friends and family (0/13) Sadly, not until I have money.

20.) Make 13 swaps on Gimme Your Stuff (0/13) Same as #19.

21.) Get a “Free Stuff by Mail” book and complete all interesting offers

I don’t know if this is even possible anymore. I have a book…more like a giant newsletter, from when I was significantly younger that had all kinds of postage-only offers. I wanted to get an updated one, but I can’t find any. I just searched for them in Amazon, and I can only find old ones (circa 2000, some as new as 2006)…and its likely those offers have expired. I think the internet must have killed the idea. 😦 I may need to come up with a replacement for this one.

Since I am an Aquarium Hobbyist: I need some money for all of the below, esp. for equipment.

22.) Breed Mystery Snails 

23.) Create a native tank and go collecting with TRAC people

24.) Breed an egg-layer

25.) Transform all current tanks into biotopes 0/5 One is well on its way.

Since I am not nearly as healthy as I’d like: 2/13 completed

26.) Lose 10 lbs – When is this ever not a goal? I’m exercising daily again. Still not much impact. I am going to cut out soda next week, that should help.

27.) Lose 10 lbs moreDependent on # 26.

28.) Lose 10 lbs more – Dependent on # 26.

29.) Wii Fit everyday for 1 month – Completed 1/31/09

30.) Reach Ideal Weight- Dependent on # 26.

31.) No soda for a week- Going to try this next week! We went shopping tonight and I purchased no soda, but plenty of juice, water and flavored water.

32.) Drink only water & milk for a week- Dependent on #31.

33.) Eat “healthy” for a week- I don’t plan to do this until after I have completed 31, 32, 34, 35, 36 and 38. This will kind of be like the “grand finale” …a culmination of all the other health goals.

34.) Eat 5-6 small, balanced meals every day for a month (0/31)- I’ll try this after I successfully pull off the no soda. One crazy health goal at a time.

35.) Spend a week logging what I eat (0/7)- See response to #34

36.) Use my Nutricalc program for 1 week (0/7) See response to #34

37.) Take vitamin each day for a month Completed 1/31/09

38.) Have fruit or veggie for a snack at least 5 times per week for a month (0/20) See response to #34

Since I love Random Adventures: 1/9 completed;

39.) Find 300 Geocaches (54/300)- Slow and steady!

40.) Host two Maine Trips (0/2)– One in August!

41.) Have another Maine trip w/ at least 15 peopleNot this trip. Only 11 this time. Perhaps in winter.

42.) Go on three random day adventures where I have no destination, and I use my GPS to find my way home (0/3)- Now that Jimmy has the car fixed…but I still need to find some time.

43.) See 3 ridiculous attractions (like Big Butter Jesus) (0/3)Not until I finish some things…

44.) Visit “Dog River” with Jimmy after watching all the episodes of Corner Gas- Need money for this!

45.) Play Walmart Bingo- Maybe this week…

46.) Visit Niagra Falls- Need money…

47.) Visit one state I have not been too yet Completed 3/14/09

Since I love being crafty:

48.) Scrapbook Maine Stuff- Need to get my office organized!

49.) Handmade Christmas Gifts for each person for one Christmas- Should really get on this if we want to pull it off this year…maybe I should start working on something this week.

50.) Sell something on Etsy; Buy 3 things on Etsy

It’s not letting me post on the previous line…it keeps trying to continue the underline no matter what I do. Anyway, well I need time to make something, and money to buy something :p

51.) Make my penpal scrapbook- Need a clean office..

52.) Learn 1 new craft- Need money for materials

53.) Make 1001 paper cranes and 1001 origami stars (0/1001; 300+/1001; 30%)- I should go back to working on this.

54.) Make my own fragrance with essential oils – Same old story…need money.

55.) Take 3 photos a day for 1 month (0/93)- I don’t have a functioning camera anymore…not sure how I’m going to do this now.

Since I love organization: 1/5 completed;

56.) Organize recipes- Working on it, albeit, slowly.

57.) Finish Developing Disposable Cameras- Need money.

58.) Freecycle 101 Things (30/101; 30%)- I haven’t freecycled anything in awhile, I’m still building up a stack.

59.) Go through my “Bookmarked” List – Hmm…should probably to get back to this.

60.) Clean up Yahoo! Group list COMPLETED 6/21/09

Since I am in the Mid-West (and won’t be here forever): All of these need moola…so we are holding off.

61.) Visit every AZA zoo in 4-hour radius (2/19)

62.) Attend 3 food festivals

63.) Visit Toledo Farmer’s Market

64.) Visit Cedar Point

65.) Spend a Day in Detroit

66.) Spend a Day in Cleveland

67.) Spend a Day in Columbus

68.) Spend a Day in Cinncinati

69.) Spend Day in Ann Arbor

Since I have a Wonderful Man: 1/4 completed;

70.) Vacation with Jimmy- Same old story.

71.) [[Private]] (2/12) (Started in May) ; )

72.) [[Private]] (0/3)

73.) Give Jimmy a list of 101 reasons why I love him. Completed: 1/25/09

Since Money Really Does Matter:

74.) Get $3,000 in the temporary savings account and start putting money in permanent savings– Well, clearly this one does take money.  🙂

75.) No Spending Challenge- One month with no extra spending, and necessities are limited to a set amount (like $100; utility bills, mortgage, etc… are exempt)

Jimmy is opposed to this one, and thinks it is stupid and unnecessary. I have to convince him to do it, or change it, since I kind of need his cooperation.

76.) Shop for 1 week’s worth of groceries using coupons/sales (ie. every item I buy has to have a coupon or be on sale)

I’ve been trying to do this one, but guests, cookouts, trips, etc…keep getting in the way. I have to wait for a normal week, and milk and bread have to be on sale.

Since I Care:

77.) Make my family tree- This one is going to take some time, I’m not quite ready yet.

78.) Reach “Ambassador” Rank in GeoChallenge- I was working on this one pretty consistently but then the internet got pretty slow for a few days, and I haven’t tried again since. Maybe I will today.

79.) Volunteer for 101 hours (0/101)- Thanks to Rebecca’s suggestion, I think I am going to “adopt a soldier”…weekly penpalling and cards, and the occasional care package. I think I am going to do that today or tomorrow.

80.) Give 1,000,000 grains of rice on (18,000/1,000,000; 1.8%) I should get back to work on this since it will probably take forever!

81.) Make blog to keep track of this list & blog all activities (6/101; 6%) You are reading it!

Since I Need to Socialize More:

82.) Get 30 people to sign-up for the Yahoo! group and create their own lists. Have 3 other “listers” participate in activities on my list. Participate in 3 activities on other people’s lists (12/30; 0/3; 0/3).  I need to start recruiting people for the list, and then make a poll that asks if people have created their lists or something.

83.) Meet a penpal in person- Hmm….I need to become a better (read: more consistent) penpal first.

84.) Convince a friend from New England to come out and visit me in Toledo Any volunteers?

85.) Make a new friend- … … … Any volunteers? 🙂

86.) Go to the movies 3 times (if its while visiting home or in Maine it doesn’t count) (1/3) Jimmy and I have a giftcard that will cover at least one more movie date. We should do that soon. It’ll have to wait until he gets back from Cali.

87.) Greet Everyone for a Month (Greet 1 more person each day than I did before; so at least 31 people on the final day; inspired from a reader’s digest article; I will explain more later) (0/31) This one is going to take a lot of courage. I’m not quite there yet.

Since Reading and Writing is Important:

88.) Read an average of 1 book a month (Currently: 2/7)

In a Glass Darkly really slowed me down. But things are picking up now, I am almost done with “A Prayer for Owen Meany”…an excellent book. Then it will be on to “Doom of Kings”…an Eberron Novel that was my pick for Book List #2…hopefully that one will go super quick!

89.) Do a NaBloPoMo month

I’d like to start this, but can’t until after I get back from Maine (not much internet access in Maine!)

90.) Get book club all caught up and make list 4 COMPLETED 7/18/09

91.) Finish book lists 1-3 (0/3)

Like I’ve said…I’m almost done with Book List 1, Lists 2 & 3 are shorter!

Just Because: 1/3 completed

92.) Get my Aerogarden running again Completed 1/18/09

93.) Paint nails every Sunday for a month (0/4)

I’m gonna wait til after the Maine trip to attempt this one.

94.) Spend one day without using the computer, Wii, or TV.

I can’t commit to this one until after I am done with my editing and writing, since I need to do a bit of work each day.

Since I am Pretty Crazy:

95.) Have a Disney Marathon

This one is in the planning stages!

96.) Finally have my ideal marathon: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Princess Bride and Willow

One marathon at a time!

97.) Make every cookie in my cookie recipe book and holiday cookie magazine (0/196)

I want to start working on this now, but we don’t like turning our AC on, and it’s been pretty hot. This weekend is cool, perhaps I will make my 1st batch tomorrow, if I have all the ingredients.

98.) See 125 of the top 250 movies on IMDB [rewatch those I have seen] (4/125)

Better to work on this in the winter.

99.) Make it through a whole week without using any of my lists (not sure if this is even possible) (0/7)

Definitely not ready to tackle this one yet.

100.) Spend $100 (all at once) at both Macqueen’s Farmer’s Market & The Baker’s Kitchen in Perrysburg.

Need money!

101.) Make a new list and start over!

What I Should Work On:

  • Lap of Luxury Challenges
  • Starting a Legacy Challenge
  • Metropark Activities
  • Catching up on Penpal letters
  • Organzing Penpal Supplies
  • No Soda Week
  • Geocaching
  • Play Walmart Bingo
  • Clean office (to scrapbook, organize recipes, etc…)
  • Handmade Christmas
  • Bookmark List
  • Geochallenge
  • Volunteering
  • Reading
  • Disney Marathon
  • Cookies
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Rebecca Ashenfelter permalink
    September 8, 2009 1:12 pm

    Hi! I just read your 101 list and money’s tight in my house, too. So I have a suggestion for your grocery shopping task. I make a few stops, but save a bunch of money. I buy most of our bread and such at the Wonderbread Outlet store. I have one on Telegraph byt the Big Ugly Warehouse and there’s one on Reynolds/Airport right by Pets Supplies Plus. They send out coupons in a coupon booklet. Just an idea for you. Rebecca

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