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June 21, 2009

Why does time have to move so quickly? I need more time. I have too many things that I need to do and want to do, and I have no time to get them done. So many little things that needed to be put back on track. I am getting so frustrated. I probably should cut out some things, but what? I love all my hobbies, and don’t want to give anything up.

In other news…

– I restarted my Aerogarden with salad greens, after moving my tomatoes and basil out to my veggie garden. They are taking awhile to start this time, so I am a bit concerned.

– I re-shuffled my DZP…again. Why? Because I decided to update/change some of the goals. For example, I am changing the breakfast thing to….”Eat 5 to 6 small, balanced meals per day for 1 month”. And with the Sims 3 coming out my Sims 2 goals may get the firing squad, and with recent financial (and time) situation, I have decided to postpone some summer plans. So, I rolled up some new goals and tossed out the ones that were not feasible at the moment.

Here’s my new list:

#1) Keep up with penpals for 3 months

#2) Go on 3 random day adventures on my GPS where I have no destination, and I use a GPS to find my way home

#3) Play Walmart Bingo

#4) Scrapbook Maine Stuff

#5) Organize Recipes

#6) Freecyle 101 Things

#7) Go through bookmarked list

#8) Clean up yahoo! group

#9) Private 2/12

#10) Shop for 1 week’s worth of groceries using just coupons and sales

#11) Learn all the state capitals (I am consider changing this to a more general geography goal using the geochallenge game)

#12) Blog all DZP activities

#13) NaBloPoMo

#14) Get Book Club Caught Up

#15) Book Lists 1-3

#16) Make Every Cookie in my Cookie Recipe Book

#17) Find 300 geocaches

In order to meet my next goal, I need to complete 19 by July 7th, I’m at 6…don’t think it will happen! Sigh.

I think I am going to start with “Cleanup Yahoo! Groups!” that one is doable in a day.

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