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DZP update…

May 22, 2009

Last few weeks have been crazy! Finals, trip back home to work at the BGB, etc… I’m finally back and things are getting back to normal. I’m hoping the lack of classes will leave me with a semi-normal schedule so I can update frequently and work more on my Day Zero Project (as I am now so far behind schedule).

As of 5/6/09 I was supposed to have 13 done. I have only 6 done…Of course, I think the summer will improve my pace.

Here’s what I am currently working on:

1. Finish Legacy Challenge- I restarted the legacy, and I am on generation 1. I have a new update in the works for the blog…hopefully that will be finished by Saturday.

2. Exchange a snailmail letter w/ 1 person every day for a month- Working on getting a partner for this.

3. Eat breakfast every day for a month- Hopefully, I will have a list of foods to buy prepared for the next shopping trip, so that I can begin after that.

4. Find 300 geocaches- I’m currently at 50.

5. Host two Maine trips- 1 is in the works right now for August.

6. Visit Niagara Falls- planning for a trip is underway, hope to go there in a few weeks

7. Handmade Christmas Gifts- still need to make a list on what I want to make

8. Finish developing disposable cameras- 3 down, will do 3 tomorrow when we go to Costco…still have a small bag worth though, need to count how many

9. Private- 1/12

10. Get 30 people to sign up for the yahoo group, etc..- going to start posting a link on facebook

11. Convince a friend from back home to come visit- any volunteers? 🙂

12. Read 1 book a month- I’m sadly at 1 out of 5…ouch. The book I am reading now is a bit boring, and so progress has been really slow as it puts me to sleep.

13. Get book club caught up, etc…- Haven’t started

14. Finish Book Lists 1-3- Still on list 1

15. Disney Marathon- Still recruiting interested people

16. Organize Recipes- Started

17. Bookmarked Lists

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