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Update on the Day Zero Project

April 24, 2009

It’s been a crazy, busy and stressful semester, so the DZP took a bit of a back seat. 😦

However, things are starting to wind down. I’m still stressed & busy, but the list of things that need to be done by the end of the semester (only a couple weeks away) is growing short. Soon, the summer will be here which means I’ll have a little more time to focus on me/fun/the dzp (hopefully).

With that, I have mixed things up and started working on new goals from my list. Things were a bit stagnant with the old tasks and I decided a better way to choose which tasks to work on.

Here’s my current selection of tasks to be worked on:

1) Finish Legacy Challenge

2) Exchange a snailmail letter with 1 person everday for a month, etc…

3) Eat breakfast for a month

4) Find 300 geocaches.

5) Host two Maine trips

6) Visit Niagra Falls

7) Handmade Christmas Gifts

8) Finish Developing Cameras

9) Private

10) Get 30 people to sign-up for the DZP group, etc…

11) Convince a friend from MA to come visit

12) Read 1 book for a month

13) Get book club caught up, make list 4

14) Finish book lists 1-3

15) Disney Marathon

16) Organize Recipes

17) Organize online bookmarks

I think there are wide variety of activities there, so I will always have something to work on.

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