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Zoo Research

February 28, 2009

Continuing the Zoo research…

#61: Visit Every AZA Zoo (or Aquarium) in a 4 hour radius

By AZA, I mean the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Pretty much any zoo or aquarium worth its salt is apart of this organization.

Step #1: Figure out what states fall in the radius (even if its just a smidgen). I determined: Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and New York. It was only a couple cities into NY, though, and I checked and none of the NY zoos are in that tiny zone. So, we can cross NY off.

Step #2: Print out each state’s list.

Step #3: Figure out which zoos and aquariums are within a 4 hour radius (using google’s standards)

Ohio- African Safari Wildlife Park, Akron Zoological Park, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, The Wilds, The Toledo Zoo (8)

Michigan- Binder Park Zoo, Detroit Zoo, International Animal Exchange Inc., John Ball Zoological Garden, Potter Park Zoo (5)

Indiana- Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Potawatomi Zoo (3)

Pennsylvania- Erie Zoo (1)

Kentucky- Newport Aquarium (1)

Illinois- Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo (2)

Total: 20

Jimmy & I decided to take out “African Safari Wildlife Park” because…a) it doesn’t look all that great from what I have seen b) the in-the-car style doesn’t really appeal to either of us and c) Jimmy doesn’t want to take one of our vehicles through that

I think everyone else will stay. That leaves 19 zoos. We’ve been to 2 (Shedd & Toledo)…17 more to go!

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