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DZP Update

February 27, 2009

Progress has been very slow. Mainly because my method of picking things has bit me in the bum. I came up with a method of choosing what I work on, so that I would be working on fun/difficult/easy/hard/short/time-consuming projects all at once and I would have more motivation to complete those that are challenging.

Well…right now, I am stuck with a bunch of really longterm/time-consuming ones.

Here’s my progress recently, on all the ones I am working on:

2) DM a character up to level 15…. We are still at 4. The one that was closest to making to 5 decided he was going to go through a magic portal, find paradise and never come back.

3) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10….Still at 2. Why? Because the basement is usually at least 5 degrees cooler than up here, and I haven’t wanted to hang out down there recently.

7) Publish my NOAA paper….I don’t want to talk about this one. Ugh.

8) Get my master’s degree….I can’t really speed this one up…

13) Attend 13 Metroparks activities….I am waiting for it to be warmer.

22) Breed Mystery snails…one of my big snails died…so I only have 1 adult and 4 juvies. I have to wait until they get reproductively mature.

26) Lose 10 lbs…I’m working on changing my diet, but have yet to make a dent in this.

40) Hose 2 Maine Trips….the first will be in August.

49) Handmade Christmas Gifts…probably won’t be done til Christmas

53) 1001 Stars/1001 Cranes…I’m at 300+ stars…this has had the most progress.

58) Freecycle 101 Things…I freecycled 1 last weekend, and someone is picking up 1 this afternoon. That will bring my total to 15.

61) Visit every AZA zoo in a 4 hour radius…this will take a loooong time.

74) Save $3,000… real progress yet, I need another acct.

80) Give 1,000,000 grains of rice…also a lot of progress…I’m at 17,000….yeah, I won’t be finishing that anytime soon.

81) Make a blog and blog all activities….this can only progress when I manage to complete something to blog about.

86) Go to the movies 3 times…we are going tomorrow!

88) Read an average of 1 book a month…I’m at 1/2

98) See 125 of the top 250 movies on IMDB….we saw 1 last weekend…perhaps we’ll do another this weekend.

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