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February 10, 2009


On Friday, Jimmy took me to Cake in a Cup (Toledo’s only Cupcakery). I’m not sure if it was a thank you for helping him bring his truck in to get the windshield fixed, or because he was just being nice. We got 1 dozen of them…which costs $25 (so Jimmy was being abnormally generous that day!). We got one of each flavor, plus 4 extras. They are delicious and all unique in their flavor. In order of how they are in the bottom left picture, from left to right starting at the top: lemon creme, chocolate, cookies and cream, another lemon, not sure….it had white chocolate and melted chocolate in the center, red velvet, vanilla, red velvet, vanilla, carrot cake, guiness black and tan, cookies and cream. This far my favorite has (suprisingly) been the chocolate…the icing was really nice on the chocolate. Second to that would be the Red Velvet.

They are delicious. My only complaint would be that they are little too dry and crumble easily (which makes it difficult when you want to break a piece off and dip it in the excess gobs of frosting they have). Nice place, nice variety, the staff was very friendly, delicious items….worth $25? Probably not. I may go again sometime, on a whim….but for my birthday, I will be getting a cake from the place I like in Perrsyburg.

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