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February 8, 2009

Whew! It’s been forever since an update. I’ve just been so crazy busy! Loads of very long, tedious homework. Sigh.

101 Things

I’ve updated my 101 List to include some new ones down the bottom for my next list.

Upcoming Tasks:

– 300 More Geocaches

– 3 Food Festivals

– 400 Postcards

– Scrapbook Maine Stuff

– Disney Marathon

However, progress on my current tasks is a wee bit slow. I am honestly not sure I will be able to complete another one by the end of February. A lot of the projects are long term ones, or just ones that are time consuming. Fortunately, completely 5 in January means that even if I don’t complete any in February, I am still pretty much on schedule. Though, it would be nice to complete at least 1. If I tried *really* hard I may be able to hit either the goal or the 1001 stars.

I have a bunch of things I want to update on…lots of classes stuff. But…it’s going to put me in a foul mood. So, instead, I am going to tell you about my research for my AZA Goal!

#61: Visit Every AZA Zoo (or Aquarium) in a 4 hour radius

By AZA, I mean the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Pretty much any zoo or aquarium worth its salt is apart of this organization.

Step #1: Figure out what states fall in the radius (even if its just a smidgen). I determined: Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and New York. It was only a couple cities into NY, though, and I checked and none of the NY zoos are in that tiny zone. So, we can cross NY off.

Step #2: Print out each state’s list.

Step #3: Figure out which zoos and aquariums are within a 4 hour radius (using google’s standards)

Ohio- African Safari Wildlife Park, Akron Zoological Park, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, The Wilds, The Toledo Zoo (8)

Michigan- Binder Park Zoo, Detroit Zoo, International Animal Exchange Inc., John Ball Zoological Garden, Potter Park Zoo (5)

Indiana- Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Potawatomi Zoo (3)

Pennsylvania- Erie Zoo (1)

Kentucky- Newport Aquarium (1)

Illinois- Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo (2)

That makes 20! I have already visited 2 (Shedd, and Toledo). I’m not sure about the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo or the Museum. I will need to look into them more…if they are really zoos of the kind of calibur I will enjoy, I may toss them.

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