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Aerogarden, Chicken Pot Pie Casserole, and 101 Update

January 26, 2009

Aerogarden Update

All but 1 of the pods has sprouted.


The tomatoes shot up overnight! One day they weren’t sprouted at all, the next they are above the cover and needed their domes taken off!


The Italian basil is still doing well, and 3 of the 4 salad greens have sprouted.


Here’s a picture of Stacy’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe. I still prefer the more traditional style crust…because that’s my favorite part, lol. But this was a nice, very easy, warm winter recipe. We will make again!

Now, here’s some pictures of the 72g because it’s my baby…


Platy came up to check out the camera…


Bolivian Ram…


Overall view of the middle of the 72g.


This is the 10g in progress….I am trying to get the water clear, it will be a shrimp tank when all is said in done. However, I am thinking of keeping it free to house some baby Bridgs after they hatch.  Then it may hold a couple of the residents from the 20g until I redo that tank.

Progress on my 101:

Catching up on my penpal letters has been going pretty well. I am going to try to be completely caught up by this weekend. My stack currently has 7 letters of it, 1 of which I have already almost finished my reply.

My four purple bridgs shipped today 🙂 Hopefully, they will arrive Wednesday…Thursday at the latest. They are only coming from PA, so I am guessing Wednesday. They will need to grow out a bit, but hopefully they will increase my odds of breeding…as well as add some lovely color and character to my tank! I love snails…I can’t wait for more adorable little faces smushed up against the glass. I will post pics when they arrive!!!

I have stuck with both the daily Wii Fit and Vitamin….and both of those will be ending on Saturday! Woohoo! However, I do have a strong feeling that I will be sticking with them on a permanent basis.

Since I will have some tasks completed soon, I took a look a what will be next on the list (based on the categories most in need of progress)…

#86) Go to the movies 3 times (if its while visiting home or in Maine it doesn’t count) (0/3)

#13) Attend 13 Toledo Metroparks Activities (0/13)

#74) Get $3,000 in the temporary savings account and start putting money in permanent savings

Oh, boo, I had more to type but Jimmy wants to go to sleep and is going to make me turn out the light. Maybe more tomorrow?

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