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List of Quotes, Lie to Me and The Aerogarden

January 23, 2009

This Semester’s List of Quotes

If you look on the top right corner of my notes….though they sometimes fall to the side of the page…you will find a quote or two. I make it a habit of writing down funny, interesting or random things that professors and students say in class. Sometimes they are unintentionally humorous, sometimes they are jokes, sometimes they are just awkward moments, others are just entirely random and out of the blue, and some are phrases that are repeated so often they are becoming annoying, humorous, or both. Here is the start of this semester’s list:

1. “Bugs”- To me “bugs” are insects…bacteria on the other hand, are bacteria…and for the record, daphnia are either daphnia or zooplankton…

2. “Mental Juices”- Hearing this once was sufficient…it sounds disgusting.

3. “They are not as sexy as pandas.”

4. ” Just download a heavy metal tolerance.”

Lie to Me

Soon, I am going to have to stop saying that I don’t watch a lot of television…because its becoming a false statement. I used to not watch a lot of TV…but now as a grad. student anytime I have to relax, I am too tired to do anything requiring more energy….this whole week I have been too tired to play the Sims!

Also, the Wii fit has a run exercise that allows you to watch TV while you run…allowing me to be watch TV every night when I exercise.

So far this season, I have tacked on 2 shows (Fringe and Eleventh Hour)…and now I may very well be adding on a 3rd…Lie to Me. I happened to catch the series premiere (well, what I believe to be) last night while I was running. If you can tell based on the other shows I watch (House, Fringe, Eleventh Hour)…I like shows with intelligent, snarky science-guys…and this is yet another one. The first episode was enough to intrigue me. If I manage to remember to watch it next week, and I enjoy it…then we’ve pretty much sealed the deal.

My current TV schedule looks like this:

Monday (the biggie)- Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami

Tuesday- House, MD (I watch it online at it previous time slot), Fringe

Wednesday- Lie to Me

Thursday- Eleventh Hour

The only thing I watch other than those is Stargate with Jimmy during dinner, and the Discovery Channel whenever I feel the urge to have background noise.

Aerogarden Update:

Still the same. The green have yet to come up (I am starting to get nervous), and the basil is too little to take a photo of. The other plants (crocuses, and sunflowers) have also yet to do anything

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  1. Dad permalink
    January 24, 2009 12:13 am

    If your greens aren’t germinating yet, check to see if the pod is dated. Seeds like that won’t grow if they are too old. Usually, one year is the cut-off before you get decreased fertility. 🙂

  2. January 24, 2009 5:54 pm

    I think if you have a schedule that you can actually write out, you officially can’t say you don’t watch very much TV. 🙂 Sorry friend! LOL

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