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Quick Updates

January 21, 2009

Aerogarden Update: The salad greens are a little slow to start this time. They are supposed to take 1 to 3 days, and I have yet to see anything…strange. The tomatoes also haven’t grown, but that is to be expected…they take awhile. The basil has started growing. It’s teeny tiny, but you can definitely see it…not enough to take a picture of yet, though.

Progress on the 101: There has been very little progress on the Legacy, D&D, NOAA paper or Masters degree fronts…so no news there. The end of the penpal stack is in sight! Now, if only I can keep up this pace and people don’t respond so fast! I am well past the 1/2 way point with both the Wiifit everyday and the vitamin. However, I still have only manged to gain weight. I’ve made slight progress on, and a couple other things but nothing signficant.

I did take a major step towards breeding the Pomacea bridgesii. I have purchased 4 more individuals from the aquarium board I am on. She is an excellent breeder and her critters are really well cared for. It was less than $20 to have all 4 shipped. These guys will be purple. Hopefully, I will have some multiple genders in there! They will ship on Monday, so will probably arrive Wednesday or Thursday. I will post pictures when I receive. Don’t worry about the cold, they will be shipped with very effective heating pads.

I was going to write some more…new show I found, Mafia games, etc…but I am SO tired (stupid 8am class)…so I am off to bed because my eyelids are drooping.

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