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Next Task “In Progress” and The Start of List #2

January 19, 2009

Next Task to be made “in progress”…..#40) Host two Maine Trips

Since it takes so long to plan a Maine Trip, I figured I should start now!

The Start of List #2- I decided that each time I complete a task, I should jot down some of my ideas for the next list. So that when it comes time to make the next one, I have a long list of ideas that I can narrow down to just the really good ones. It will also add to the variety because making it over time will mean generating ideas when different things are going on in my life.

#1) Pick one thing every week for a year and clean it very thoroughly. Each week I would pick one item or small area…examples: fridge, oven, spice draw, bookshelf, closet, walls, ceilings, etc…and then I would clean it to the best of my ability. So, not just the average cleaning that is done all the time, but really, really clean it.

#2) Have at least 3 Aerogardens (or equivalent) set up on a wall in my kitchen. One for salad greens, one for     herbs, and one variable one I can rotate between peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, etc…

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