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Snail Sex, Wii Fit, Lettuce and Lucky Stars

January 18, 2009


I only caught the end of it…but there was definitely some mating going on in the tank! Woohoo! Now, if only she’d lay the eggs!

The next step is to make a list of ways I can encourage her to lay eggs, and factors that may be preventing her. Jimmy has a theory about it being too cold out right now. Brigs lay their eggs at night. We turn down the heat in the evening to 62. While the water temperature stays steady thanks to the heaters in the tank, Brigs lay their eggs ABOVE the waterline. So perhaps the air above the line is too cold? I have to research it more, but that is Jimmy’s theory anyway.


Sorry about the crummy quality of this picture- my camera doesn’t like photographing the TV set. Here you can see the main Wii Fit screen. The girl in the blue shirt is me, and the boy in the black is Jimmy. The graph above shows the relative changes in our weights since we started. As you can see, I was doing pretty well in the beginning…it was a nice, slow decrease, but I have recently encountered some set backs! I think my line got lonely so started gravitating upwards in the hopes of finding Jimmy’s line. Hehe.

Until I got the Wii Fit, I listened to what most fitness gurus tell you- weight yourself once every two weeks. With the Wii Fit, you do a daily body test. And I 100% prefer it. Sure, its a bit of a rollercoaster ride, seeing your weight rise and fall…but I am getting a much clearer picture of how my weight works. I know that my weight may be very different from the day before- more or less. If I only weigh myself once in those two weeks…I am making a huge gamble as to what type of day it is for my weight. It may be totally unrepresented of my weight and could leave me with the wrong impression. Have a chart like this, with daily results…you can see the overall trend of your weight, and you can see what causes shifts in your weight. See the spike on the 11th? Well, I worked out the morning of the 10th because at 12pm we started a marathon session of D&D…so I was essentially sitting on my ass for 12 hours. See the spike on the 16th and 17th (yesterday and today)- that’s from eating McDonalds for dinner on the 16th. As a scientist, I don’t believe anything unless I havea good sample size. Once every 2 weeks is NOT a good sample of my weight. Daily, is.

I am a bit frustrated though. The graph shows no real progress…unless you interpret the fluctuations to be the loss of calories, increase of muscle mass, and my body getting used to working out, combined. Here I am 1/2 way through my monthly Wii Fit goal. I have worked out now for 17 days straight…I am pretty sure I have never done that. I started out at 20 min. a day, and I’ve been doing 30 minutes a day for several days now. There is always at least one part of me that is sore (I do different exercises daily so that muscles have a chance to relax), I am definitley getting better at the exercises, and I am always exhausted afterward. When I started, I was only able to run the “short distance”….now I can do the “island lap” with out much difficulty. I had hoped after 2 weeks, I would see at least some small change. I set a goal on the Wii fit to lose 5 lbs w/i the course of this month. Here I am, half way there….and I still have 6 lbs to lose! Yes, I gained one!


This is the current state of the Aerogarden. It has (sadly) become a dusty shelf. Its holding 3 other plant-related items, and my vitamins. I hope to change that soon…perhaps even tomorrow or Monday? I am going to grow lettuce. While a bit on the boring side, I love having fresh lettuce available for salads. I waste lettuce on a weekly basis because it always goes yucky before we can eat it all. And after you’ve opened a bag of lettuce, you really shouldn’t eat it after about 3 days…it begins to grow stuff that you can’t see.


The Lucky Stars count is up to 217. Progress is much faster than anticipated!


Here is the book I am currently reading, I am getting close to finishing it…finally. It was really good in the beginning, but it has really tapered off and its just getting boring now and I can’t wait to move on to something new. Next, I will be reading either: In the glass darkly, or A Prayer for Owen Meany.


Gorgeous Lefty!

101 Things in 1001 Days Progress Summary: I still haven’t managed to COMPLETE anything…but progress is being made…especially in the areas of penpal letters (64%), vitamin consumption and the wii fit.

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