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D&D, List Update…

January 9, 2009

Right now, I should be working on prepping for a marathon D&D session tomorrow. 12 hours of gaming is a lot to prep for. Ouch. But, I needed a break, so here I am.

Here’s an update on the list…not too much going on…

3) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10 (2/10; 20%)

I’ve made some progress on this, which you can check out here. Polar (Gen 2) is now a teenager and trying to figure out what he will contribute to the Legacy.

14) Catch up on all my penpal letters (30/42;71%)

20) Make 13 swaps on Gimme Your Stuff (0/13)

I have started putting together a box…yesterday I bought some twinkies to throw in, as people have told me they are a “US thing”.

22) Breed Mystery Snails

I’m pretty sure my striped one is a girl, still haven’t gotten the blue one to cooperate.

26) Lose 10 lbs (.6/10; 6%)

29) Wii Fit everyday for 1 month (9/31; 30%)

37) Take vitamin each day for a month (9/31; 30%)

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