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Ebola, Gangrene, Snails and Salads

January 7, 2009


Meet Ebolavirus (Ebola) and Clostridium perfringens (Gengrene) they are going to be added to the Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium that currently reside on my desk at school. 🙂 Adorable!


This is a Pomacea Bridgesii, also known as a “Mystery Snail” or an “Apple Snail”. Yes, I know its a snail, but you really can’t dis aquatic snails til you have seen them in action. They are my favorite inhabitants of the tanks! They are very active, very fast and such characters. They have made me a bit of an invert freak (I want snail-only and shrimp-only tanks in the future).  Anyway, breeding these snails is one of my goals on my 101 Things list…and one that I am trying to undertake right now. I have 2 snails currently, and they have mated…but alas, no eggs. Step 1 is to make sure that one is a female and the other is a male. Because if that isn’t the case, all the other steps will be pointless. I’ve looked at plenty of pictures and I know how to sex them, but actually doing it is an entirely different story. :p Tonight was my first attempt…and it was a failure. The blue one did the snail disappearing act (they love to hide)…and I couldn’t find him (I think he is the boy), so I pulled out this one. Unfortunately, the, hopefully, girl wouldn’t come out of her shell- so I couldn’t take a peak. I waited 10 minutes! And then my patience ran out…I will try again tomorrow.

This week, I am spending the majority of my time (sadly and painfully) trying to work on this [[insert favorite expletive here]] paper…yeah, some break. I haven’t really had a day to myself the whole time! I am actually looking forward to school…sigh. Anywho, my much needed breaks are either filled with cleaning the house or doing one of my Day Zero things. 🙂

Today, I counted my origami stars…I am up to 126. Not bad, considering I only work on them after I am done with dinner but while Stargate is still going.  I also finished a round of freecycling. My last pickup was around 8pm this evening. I freecycled 13 of the 17 items we posted. The remaining items will either be recycled or will wait til the next round of freecycling.

I remembered to take my vitamin with lunch today (not at 10pm per usual). We also exercised as normal, bringing both of the those things to a total of 6 out of 31 days. I have lost the 1 lb I gained during the first couple of days, and lost another .6 lbs. I set a goal on the Wii fit for losing 5 lbs in 1 month. So, only 4.4 more to go! It’s not much, but progress is still progress! I have felt my workout actually working…my legs, my abs…and I am enjoying it.

Another 2 penpal letters came in today, but I managed to write 4 letters (yes, another distraction from the paper). Which puts me at over the 50% mark! Woohoo! I am thinking this will be the first on my list I cross out!

I looked at the remaining Aerogarden kits I have left. I can either group: salad greens or international basil. I am pretty sure I am going to go with “salad greens” because who the hell needs 7 different kinds of basil??? If I had more than 1 Aerogarden, then yeah, sure why not, I like basil as much as the next person. But I only have 1 garden, so I would rather it be occupied with something I will get a lot of use out of (and not end up freecycling the majority of the clippings). I can never have enough salad greens, and having fresh lettuce growing in the house is pretty awesome (we grew some before, and it was pretty handy). In addition to the aerogarden, we are going to use the light from the aero to grow catnip…as long as Lefty doesn’t find it.

The sleep plan totally FAILED. There wasn’t enough days in between to get adjusted to the time changes. So, we have altered the plan. This week, we are getting up a 9am every day. Next week, we will get up at 8:30am everyday, except on days when class requires earlier. The following week, 8am, etc…

Tomorrow’s plans…meeting with Von in the morning about TAing Evolution, then back home for more yelling at excel paper writing and data analysis. Then baked potatoes and salad for dinner. Yum. 🙂

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