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101 Things Research: IMDB Movies

January 4, 2009

I have decided two things about my 101 Things Research:

a) I’m bored with how I was doing it before. Now that I am actually working on the list, I don’t need to fill my time with dreaming about the list.


b) I only want to have approximately 13 tasks “in progress” at any given time, but I can research the ones that will come after.

Why only 13 “in progress”? Well, I want to have enough “in progress” so that I am entertained and can accomplish more than one thing, and always be working towards something in my freetime. But…I want motivation to actually finish the “in progress” tasks so I can pick new ones. It’s good motivation to complete some of the boring/long-term ones, as well. Why the number 13? It’s pretty arbitrary. I just added up the ones that were in progress and the ones I wanted to start, then rounded to my closest favorite number.

I also want to try to evenly distribute my “in progress” tasks as much as possible. That way I am not stuck with a whole bunch of 1 category at the end. So, each time I go to select a new activity, I will look at how many “in progress” tasks each category has and select a category with a lower percentage of tasks in progress.

That means that when I finally complete the current tasks I have open, I should select from: Random Adventures or Midwest, as both of those are 0 in progress out of 9 potential activities. However, both of those are primarily travel…and it’s pretty cold outside. So, I am postponing those categories this round.

Next up would be my “Crazy” category at 0/7. So, from this I have selected task #98) See 125 of the top 250 movies on IMDB (re-watching those I have seen).

The above link will take you to the list. If before I complete the 125, any of the movies I have seen fall off the list (with new ones taking their place), I will need to watch another to compensate. So that by the end, I should have seen 125 movies on the current list. My strategy will be to stick towards the upper 75% of the list.

Here are the steps I will take in preparation for this:

1) Print off the current movie list.

2) Go through our current collection of movies, and see how many of those we have.

3) Make a stack and start watching them nightly.

4) Post the list somewhere by the TV, to keep track.

5) Ask Jimmy which of the movies we don’t have he would be interested in watching.

6) Find those movies, and watch them.

7) Complete the 125.

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