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Neverwinter, RPGs, and Journal Article…

January 2, 2009

Continuing to look at the list in more detail…

5) Finish Neverwinter Nights

  • Status: Haven’t started? I guess you could say I haven’t started “finish Neverwinter” as I was playing it along time ago, but then I stopped and I want to go back to it and finish it.
  • What is Needed Still: Nothing, just the time to do it!
  • The Details: I want to finish Neverwinter Nights and all the expansion packs, and then start Neverwinter Nights 2.
  • Why is this on the list: Because I started and never finished. And its something I should complete considering I am both a D&D and computer game fanatic.
  • Feasibility: Somewhat easy. I have the game, it just requires some time, and it’ll be fun.
  • Potential Start Date: Whenever I get bored with the Sims and my legacy and need a break.

6) Play 3 new RPG systems (0/3)

  • Status: Haven’t started.
  • What is Needed Still: Research and recommendations. I need to find 3 rpgs that interest me. Then I will need to gather materials, find people to play with, and find some time.
  • The Details: Though I call myself a gamer, I have only ever played 2 types of RPGs. I have played EVERY edition of D&D, and I have played- briefly- Mech Warrior. I would like to find and play 3 more RPGs- just one shots.
  • Why is this on the list: So that I can expand my gaming horizons…
  • Feasibility: Moderate. It will require lots of time and the purchasing of materials.
  • Potential Start Date: Hmm…not sure. I think I want to complete some of my current goals before embarking on this one.

7) Publish my NOAA paper

  • Status: In progress.
  • What is Needed Still: Time.
  • The Details: I need to finish my NOAA paper, asap. Then we have to go through the hassle of getting it published. It should already be published. The fact that it is still being written is eating my soul.
  • Why is this on the list: See previous line. Once this is complete a HUGE burden will be lifted.
  • Feasibility: Difficult as all hell. I am hating every minute of it.
  • Potential Start Date: Already on it.
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