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Photos, a never-ending game, and the effects of bacon grease on plastic…

January 1, 2009


The above is what happens to a plastic cup when you pour bacon grease in it….A few days ago, I needed to quickly dispose of some bacon grease, and the sink was full. So, I grabbed a plastic cup. As soon as I poured, the heat began melting the cup. Strangely, these plastic cups merely condense on to themselves when melting…no mess, no fuss, just a shrinking cup.  It was awesome to watch. I saved the cup. It still smells like bacon. It didn’t lose any of it’s plastic…nor does it have any leaks and the shape is still relatively the same (as in still perfectly circular). It’s just really dense. For comparsion, here is a normal plastic cup next to it:

100_17781 The Sleeping Plan

Days 1-5 went fine. We woke up at 9:30am twice in a row, then went to 9:15, then to 9:00am for two days…then came New Year’s Eve…I woke Jimmy up this morning at 9am, but he was very unhappy about it and refused to get up, then Whisket jumped on the bed and began cuddling with me…and everyone stayed in bed until 11am, when Whisket started running around the house chasing imaginary creatures.

New Year’s Eve

I made some Cacoila, potato salad w/ sundried tomatoes, fruit w/ a fluff dip,  muddy buddies chex mix and onion dip. Jimmy made some linguica spread. And we tossed some crackers, chips, pickles and olives out. Carl came over and joined us. We had intended to play Munchkin, but the boys decided to try this game instead:


At first, I thought it was one of the most confusing games I had ever encountered, but once you got into the swing of things, it became quite entertaining. The only problem…we started at 7:30pm and we didn’t finish until after 2:00am….Towards the end, it started to drag on a bit. Still, we had fun. I worked on my lucky origami stars in between.

Today’s plans include: working on the paper, writing some penpal letters, playing the Sims 2 and catching up on e-mail. Jimmy’s main goals appear to be doing all the laundry (which, I appreciate) and playing resident evil.  For dinner, the plan is waffles, sausage, canteloupe and I am going to take my 1st crack at making potato pancakes.

Here are some random photos I just uploaded, for you to enjoy, from the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo.


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