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And so it begins…

January 1, 2009


Today is the first day of my 101 Things in 1001 days. Yay! I am very excited about this. 🙂 Above you see the beginning of the 1001 Lucky Stars. At this point, there is about 50 of them.


Here’s what they look like all spread out. Some of them are better than others as I am still working on perfecting them.


I found that making my own is more challenging than I had hoped. My paper cutter isn’t making nice smooth lines, and it is hard to find decent paper for making them. So far, my stars made with the actual origami paper have been significantly nicer. So, I ordered lots more paper- for more packages with varying amounts. $15 shipped….not bad.


Here’s my current jar- I am at 100. I still have a few to add though. We watch an episode of a TV show on DVD with dinner (currently we are watching Stargate) and after I was done eating tonight, I worked on making a few more.


Lefty’s jumbo cat feet getting in the way, as always.


The current mass of stars….

Back to the list…Here are the current goals that I am working on:

In progress will look like this- long term/background projects.

In progress will look like this- short term projects.

2) DM a character up to Level 15 [or higher] (4/15)

3) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10 (1/10)

7) Publish my NOAA paper

8.) Get my Master’s degree

14) Catch up on all my penpal letters (6/36)– Another letter came in, but I have finished 6 over the last couple of days!

26) Lose 10 lbs

29) Wii Fit everyday for 1 month (1/31) Jimmy is going to use the Wii Fit now too, I convinced him to make a profile on it today, and then he spent like an hour on it trying to beat all my records, lol.

37) Take vitamin each day for a month (1/31)

49) Handmade Christmas Gifts for each person for one Christmas We have decided to only spend $100 on everyone next Christmas- most of which will be spent on supplies for the homemade goodies. We are starting it now so we can plan ahead and actually manage it!

53) Make 1001 paper cranes and 1001 origami stars (0/1001; 100+/1001)

80) Give 1,000,000 grains of rice on (1,000/1,000,000) Best vocab level is currently 37. Hopefully, that will improve over time.

81) Make blog to keep track of this list & blog all activities (0/101)

88) Read an average of 1 book a month (Currently: 0/1) Currently reading: Portrait of an Unknown Woman. Hope to have that done by the end of this month. I need to schedule more reading time…

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  1. January 2, 2009 9:34 am

    I love your origami projects….lovely idea. And I enjoy origami – though it’s been a long time.

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