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101 Things Update….

December 30, 2008

So, some of this stuff is repeated, but I wanted to add a couple more sections to each one., and then I can keep the same format for the rest of the list.

I hope to post these entries again periodically to update at least the “status” and “what is needed”.

Let’s look at the list in more detail…

1) Spend an entire weekend playing computer & wii games and accomplishing nothing else.

  • Status: Haven’t started…(0/1)
  • What is Needed Still: Just have to select a time, I guess.
  • The Details: I want to spend an entire weekend where my only activities are: bathing, eating, sleeping, gaming…and of course e-mail and blogging! I want to do zero unnecessary housework (dishes are okay) and no school/research work. I want to accomplish nothing for the weekend unless it somehow involves gaming.
  • Why is this on the list: I am one of those peculiar people who can never relax. Sure, I love slacking off as much as the next person, but I can never just sit down for a long period of time and just chill out. For example, every week (when its on) I watch House, MD. During commercial breaks, I get up and go do something…cleaning, laying out clothes for the next day, preparing lunches, doing laundry, etc…And most of the time, even while I am watching I am also doing something else….folding laundry, organizing, etc… Every weekend, I work on either actual work-work or house-work , taking occasional breaks to play a game or blog. But the breaks are typically only 15 minutes long. I never sit down for a couple hours and just play a game, and games are probably my favorite thing to do ever.
  • Feasibility: This will probably be an unreasonable task anytime soon, but perhaps this summer when I have no classes.
  • Potential Start Date: Probably not til May, at the earliest…but we’ll see.

2) DM a character up to Level 15 [or higher]

  • Status: In progress. (4/15)
  • What is Needed Still: Simply time. I have no doubts that the current group will reach level 15, eventually.
  • Details: I would like to DM a group of characters from first to at least fifteenth, if not higher, level in a consecutive Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
  • Why is this on the list: I ‘ve been a DM since I was in the 6th grade. Since then, I have played many a games. Not a year has gone by that I haven’t been involved in at least one campaign. However, I have not managed to DM characters all the way from 1st to 15th level. DMing characters that are artificially a higher level do not count. I’d like to see characters progress through all the levels naturally.
  • Feasibility: This should be fairly easy, I already have dedicated gamers on the right path.
  • Potential Start Date: Jan. 1st 2009….technically, the characters are already in progress…I believe the highest level is four.

3) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10

  • Status: In progress. (1/10)
  • What is Needed Still: Patience to play it all the way! Nine more generations to go! You can check out their story here.
  • Details: I want to play a Legacy challenge in the Sims 2 all the way to generation 10.
  • Why is this on the list: I have yet to get a legacy through all 10 generations. I love the Sims, and this is one of the most popular and oldest challenges. I think it will be immensely satisfying to complete this challenge. I started a new legacy recently, hopefully that one will make it all the way.
  • Feasibility: It will be fun, but it will take a lot of time and a lot of effort.
  • Potential Start Date: Jan. 1st 2009….technically, already started.

4) Finish Apocalypse Challenge

  • Status: Haven’t started it. (0/1)
  • What is Needed Still: Hmm….nothing other than time and a bout of self-hatred. :p
  • Details: Another challenge for the Sims 2 that is commonly known to make people tear out their hair.  It’s one of the few challenges that is really challenging.
  • Why is this on the list: I attempted it once, but I was attempting to do a legacy at the same time and got very frustrated. It’s a pretty interesting idea, and it’d be really cool to complete.
  • Feasibility: I think I can do it, but it may take some willpower.
  • Potential Start Date: Probably not til after my legacy is complete.

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