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101 Things in 1001 Days Update

December 29, 2008

I really wish I could find my camera. I want to start taking some pictures so I can visually track my progress as well…because pictures are much more entertaining. I last saw my camera a couple weeks ago, I took it out of my bag but I don’t remember where I put. I have until Wednesday to find it!

I can’t stop thinking of other things I could add to my list! I could probably have created a whole other list by now. Despite the fact I said “finalized” on my last posting of the list…I may still tweak it a bit.

I ordered some paper from for folding all my origami lucky stars. I have also been cutting up some of my own paper. I wanted to cut up today’s flyers that come bouncing into our driveway every Sunday, but it was raining and the bag leaked. Maybe later this week I will find some colorful junk mail.

I just read an article in Reader’s Digest about a 30 day no spending challenge. I think I am going to change #75 to that…since they are basically the same thing but the article just defines it better for me. It suggests limiting “essentials” to some set cost (like $100) and not going over that.

Let’s look at the list in more detail…

1) Spend an entire weekend playing computer & wii games and accomplishing nothing else

  • The Details: I want to spend an entire weekend where my only activies are: bathing, eating, sleeping, gaming…and of course e-mail and blogging! I want to do zero unnecessary housework (dishes are okay) and no school/research work. I want to accomplish nothing for the weekend unless it somehow involves gaming.
  • Why is this on the list: I am one of those peculiar people who can never relax. Sure, I love slacking off as much as the next person, but I can never just sit down for a long period of time and just chill out. For example, every week (when its on) I watch House, MD. During commercial breaks, I get up and go do something…cleaning, laying out clothes for the next day, preparing lunches, doing laundry, etc…And most of the time, even while I am watching I am also doing something else….folding laundry, organizing, etc… Every weekend, I work on either actual work-work or house-work , taking occasional breaks to play a game or blog. But the breaks are typically only 15 minutes long. I never sit down for a couple hours and just play a game, and games are probably my favorite thing to do ever.
  • Feasibility: This will probably be an unreasonable task anytime soon, but perhaps this summer when I have no classes.
  • Potential Start Date: Probably not til May, at the earliest…but we’ll see.

2) DM a character up to Level 15 [or higher] (4/15)

  • Details: I would like to DM a group of characters from first to at least fifteenth, if not higher, level in a consecutive Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
  • Why is this on the list: I ‘ve been a DM since I was in the 6th grade. Since then, I have played many a games. Not a year has gone by that I haven’t been involved in at least one campaign. However, I have not managed to DM characters all the way from 1st to 15th level. DMing characters that are artificially a higher level do not count. I’d like to see characters progress through all the levels naturally.
  • Feasibility: This should be fairly easy, I already have dedicated gamers on the right path.
  • Potential Start Date: Jan. 1st 2009….technically, the characters are already in progress…I believe the highest level is four.

3) Finish Legacy Challenge to Gen 10 (0/10)

  • Details: I want to play a Legacy challenge in the Sims 2 all the way to generation 10.
  • Why is this on the list: I have yet to get a legacy through all 10 generations. I love the Sims, and this is one of the most popular and oldest challenges. I think it will be immensely satisfying to complete this challenge. I started a new legacy recently, hopefully that one will make it all the way.
  • Feasibility: It will be fun, but it will take a lot of time and a lot of effort.
  • Potential Start Date: Jan. 1st 2009….technically, already started.

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