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101 Things- Where to Begin?

December 27, 2008

My start date for my 101 things is fast approaching. So, where will I begin my adventures?

A couple of my projects will be long-term/background “noise” kinds of things. Things that won’t come about quickly and don’t have definitive increments I can track their progress in. These things will include:

– Publishing my NOAA paper

– Getting my Masters

Since I can’t really rush either one of them. Other projects may be placed on this list- such as getting another article published. But I will wait until those things are actually in progress. The two above are currently in progress.

Other than the above, I’d like to select a few different projects to work on, that require various amounts of time and focus on them simultaneously. Once I complete one task, I will add another on to my “focus” list.

Here’s what I am considering starting on:

#37) Take a vitamin every day for 1 month. I figured I should start working on the larger categories, so I break them up over time and don’t end up having to do all of them in a row. The biggest category is my health. I’m going to start out nice and easy- taking a vitamin every day.

The next two biggest categories are “travel” categories…so I am going to pass on those for now. The current mess outside is stifling my will to adventure.

#14) Catch up on all my penpal letters. “Snailmail” is another long category, and catching up on my penpal letters is an uber important one.

#53) 1001 Paper Cranes and Origami Stars. This is going to take awhile. But, winter is the perfect time for crafts.

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