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Sleeping Habits and Biostats…

December 26, 2008

Jimmy & I spent this whole last semester being tired….and I am pretty sure it was due to our erratic sleep schedules. The time we had to be up at school varied from day to day. While Jimmy & I prefer a 10-6 routine (or later), I had a class that started at 8am and another that started at 9:30am. He had a class that went to 11 PM. We never woke up earlier than we had to, and never a consistant time in the morning. Jimmy hates getting up before the sun is high in the sky, and being in this area the sun doesn’t get up til an hour later than its supposed to (IMO, it should never be completely dark at 7am), which doesn’t help.

Alas, this semester I have a class at the unholy hour of 8am (biostats). Meaning we are going to have to get up at 7am. Typically, we don’t go to bed til 2am…sometimes later. Ouch.

I have convinced him that we need to fix this, at least for this semester, or Mondays and Wednesdays will be too tired to get anything accomplished. I have proposed- as most articles on how to get a better night’s sleep tell you- that we wake up at the same time every morning. And by that, I do mean waking up at 7am everyday including weekends. Getting an astronomy graduate student up at that time every morning may seem like an epic, if not impossible, task. But, I am going to have to try…and he’s agreed to give it a shot.

We are going to start slowly. We have 16 days until the semester starts, so I have come up with a schedule.

1) 9:30

2) 9:30

3) 9:15

4) 9:00

5) 9:00

6) 8:45

7) 8:30

8) 8:30

9) 8:15

10) 8:00

11) 8:00

12) 7:45

13) 7:30

14) 7:30

15) 7:15

16) 7:00

We start with 9:30am tomorrow (as a reference, this morning we got up at 11).

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