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Update on 72g tank!

November 2, 2008

Here are a variety of pictures from my 72g.

They go in a somewhat chronological fashion.

I made some changes here and there and took pictures sporadically throughout.

So, the ones closest to the end are the way the tank looks now.

I added 3 new larger pieces of driftwood.

I have also moved around some plants.

Picture is fuzzy but that is a platy!

Some plants have been growing really well, others….not so well. The hornwort seems to grow drastically overnight, and it’s so pretty, it’s my new favorite plant!

I added some grass down in the sandy area.

It will take awhile for everything to fill in as this is a low-light, low fert., no CO2 tank.

I think we have arrived at the pictures that show pretty much what the tank looks like right now.

I added 4 new Zebra Danios, from my LFS. I wanted to increase the school to prevent aggression on new fish, so I settled for some more zebras. There is still room for the school to grow, though, if I do find some longfins.

My snails love the new driftwood. It’s like a snail jungle gym.

Current Tank Inhabitants:
– 7 Zebra Danios
– 1 Longfin Danio (she schools w. the zebras, in fact, Ethel is clearly the #2 in command of the school, just after Gertrude, the alpha female)
– 3 Mystery Snails: Bubbles- the Ivory Snail, a copper-stripped one, and a blue one
– 6 Endlers; 3 boys, 3 girls
– 3 Platies

Blue snail.

The next addition to the tank will be a school of Panda Cories.

I purchased some frozen Daphnia on friday. The fish all love me now.

I love this little cave.

In the back you see a male Endler. They are my new obsession now (thanks Mary!). I have another colony living in my 20g. More on them later!

So, what does everyone think so far? I think the scape is basically done. Just need for some plants to grow in, and to stock (which will take awhile)!

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