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Danio Retirement Home

October 29, 2008

My goal is to have a Danio school of 12+. I am looking for mix of different varieties of Danio rerio, so that they will all school together. I don’t want anymore shortfin zebras.

I started out w/ 3 adopted Shortfin Zebras who are getting kind of old.
I then adopted “Ethel”, the longfin Blue.
I am awaiting the arrival of 3 more older ones. 2 more zebras…one of which is war-hardened from a battle w/ a crayfish. And a glowlight.

I need to increase the school soon, to cut down the agression of the danios. I am willing to take any blues, golds, leopards, longfins, etc….just not standard zebras (I will have 5 of those, that’s 1/2 the school!). I went to my LFS yesterday….no luck. And they don’t know what they’ll be getting in and when. Ordering from an online store is out of the question…shipping is like $34. The fish only cost $1.49….that’s silly. I tried Aquabid, without any luck. So, I have e-mailed another store in the area. And I will start calling the others (no websites) as soon as I have time. Hopefully, I can get 5 more by the weekend.

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