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What is a DZP?

I often mention my DZP here, and you may have seen the acronym in many other places around the web.

It goes by many names:


– Day Zero

– Day Zero Project

– 101 in 1001

– 101 Things in 1001 Days

And possibly other ways that I can’t think of at the moment. Anyway, they are all the same thing. They are the names of an awesome online project started here: Day Zero.

From the above website: “The Mission: To complete 101 preset tasks in the period of 1001 days”

Who would benefit from this project?

Everyone! However, Type “A” personalities are more likely to enjoy it. If you are organized, a list-maker, the ambitious type, this project may be for you. It is the ultimate to-do list.

What is the purpose?

It varies depending on your list. Each list my have a variety of purposes. It is the ultimate self-improvement project. Purposes may include: to become healthier, to become a better person, to accomplish more, to have fun, to make your life more interesting, to be more creative, etc…

How do I start?

Get out a sheet of paper and a writing implement.

Start browsing the Day Zero website, take a look at my list, search the web for more lists (particularly at any blog websites such as wordpress).

Once you have been to a few sites and you have a general idea of what kinds of things are DZP worthy, start making your own list.

Your tasks should be reasonable, but stretching (so push boundaries, but make them feasible); achievable within the time period (1001 days); and clearly defined (they must have an obvious finish line where you can say, ‘yes, I completed this goal’).

Running out of ideas? STEAL. It is consider common practice and acceptable to steal goals from other DZP makers. In fact, I can’t speak for all other DZP’ers, but I feel honored when someone steals my goal, lol.

Once you have 101 goals that you love, set your start and end date.

Consider starting a blog to keep track of your list. Post it on the Day Zero site. Also feel free to send it to me and I will post the link on my site.

Go for it and have fun!

What types of tasks can I pick?

ANYTHING! Most lists are very general and about all around self-improvement. Often they are broken down into categories such as “family”, “creativity”, “education”, and “for fun”. But you can make a specific list. Perhaps there are 101 things you want to learn to cook, or you want to get healthy and want to create 101 mini-goals for doing so. Totally up to you. Think about what is important to you, and what you like to do.

Opi’s Tips:

– Make at least a quarter of your list FUN…you should reward yourself for being so accomplished. ( I say the more fun goals the better, really).

– Make a nice balance of short, medium, and long term goals. In order to feel like you are making progress, you need short term goals- ones you can achieve in a week, a day, or even just a few hours.

– Make a balance of easier goals and challenging goals.

– Set a timeline. Figure out how many goals you need to achieve each month to stay on task.

– Join DZP communities for support such as: 101 Things Yahoo Group or Day Zero List Makers

– Announce your list: make a blog, put it on facebook, tweet it, whatever…just let people know about it so you have more motivation to achieve your goals.

– Print out your list and post it on your fridge, or at your desk at work. It will remind you to stay on task.

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